Entity Framework for Graph Databases.

Enterprise ready object mapper for developing RDF knowledge graph applications with .NET

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Free & Easy

With Trinity data model packages, developers can handle large-scale RDF knowledge graphs without even knowing!

  • Open Source, MIT License
  • Shallow Learning Curve
  • LINQ


Many RDF databases support logical reasoning during application runtime to answer queries about facts which have not been explicitly saved.

  • Logical Reasoning
  • Write Simpler Queries
  • Discover Hidden Facts


The Resource Description Framework linked data platform is an open standard maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

  • .NET Standard, Core, Mono
  • Standardized Graph Technology
  • Vendor Independent


Supported Databases
Name Inferencing Clusterable Transactions License
In-Memory MIT
OpenLink Virtuoso GPL 2.0, Commercial
Stardog Discontinued with Commercial
SPARQL 1.1 Protocol Trinity RDF can connect to all databases supporting the SPARQL query language.

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Our desire was for our developers to not need to write SPARQL queries, and the ORM enabled by Trinity has helped us to achieve this goal.
Brett Leida
Systems Architect, Schneider Electric
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